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The cost for disposal and recycling of most of your HHW will be based on weight. Specialty items such as fire extinguishers, refrigerators, air conditioners and cylinders are priced individually. All items must be in clean, wiped, sealed and labeled containers.

See pricing below or download our price list using the download button.

Contact us for pricing & special handling for any items not listed. 

Payment acceptable by cash, check, and most credit cards.

Download our Recycling Fee Price List

Recycling Fee: By The Pound

Antifreeze $0.75 / lb.
Misc. Cleaners $0.75 / lb.
Electronics (TVs [Tube included], Computers, Cell Phones, etc.) $0.50 / lb.
Flammable Liquids $0.75 / lb.
Gasoline $0.75 / lb.
Herbicides / Pesticides $0.75 / lb.
Mercury (1 lb. minimum) $65.00 / lb.
Misc. Oils $0.75 / lb.
Paint (Latex / Oil Based) $0.75 / lb.
Batteries $0.75 / lb.
VHS Tapes $0.50 / lb.
Corrosives, Acids and Bases $1.00 per Lb.

Recycling Fee: By The Unit

Aerosols $1.50 each
Air Conditioners $15.00 each
Dehumidifiers $15.00 each
Fire Extinguishers $10.00 each
Fluorescent Bulbs $1.00 each
Freezers $15.00 each
Propane, Butane, Helium Tanks (Small) $5.00 each
Propane, Butane, Helium Tanks (Large) $10.00 each
Refrigerators $15.00 each
Thermometers $15.00 each
Thermostats $15.00 each
Tires $10.00 each
Smoke Detectors $10.00 each
Carbon Monoxide Detectors $10.00 each

Unacceptable Items

Explosives Contact Your Police Dept.
Medications Visit our F.A.Q. Page
Sharps / Needles Visit our F.A.Q. Page