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JUL 21 2014

America's Best Adventures (NatGeo)

Image Description: A mountain biker pauses to enjoy the view on Slickrock Trail in Moab, Utah. Looking for some adventure? National Geographic polled the experts to determine the country's 100 most iconic es...

APR 30 2014

Space Gardens

Catching floating raindrops, soil and seeds are making gardening just that much harder in the International Space Station. But this is how the astronauts function in their weightless environment. Even the plan...

APR 10 2014

Recyclable K-Cups are Coming! They are called "Eco-Cups"

One concern expressed by consumers considering the adoption of a single-serve hot beverage system is whether the pods that contain coffee or tea can be recycled. For most of the popular brands, the pods have p...

APR 3 2014

After the Exhibition, Finding New Uses for Displays

MAKING what is old new again with fresh displays has long been the province of museums. But what happens to all the stuff left over when shows end? Many museums are going beyond traditional recycling efforts an...