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Enrich Your Soul [Soil]

August 17th, 2015

Enrich Your Soul [Soil]

Written by Alessandra Price 

Many of the items we think are garbage, actually are not garbage, in fact they could be valuable ingredients needed for nutrient filled soil and plant fertility, but more than that, they could possibly be the key to creating a more sustainable society, bettering the environment and the community together.  With all the complications in the world right now—climate change, pollution, rising health care rates etc. . . . just think how amazing and uncomplicated is it to compose a pile of organic garbage if it means so much to the environment.



The act of decaying organic matter is called compost and it provides an excellent source of nutrients especially nitrogen to growing plants. It improves soil structure and minimizes the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. The organic material within the soil retains moisture, allowing plants to stay hydrated and healthy.  The importance of compost has increased in the recent years due to finding alternate solutions to waste management, protecting the environment and eliminating reusable waste brought to landfills.



Anything organic is viable for compost except animal based remains.  Any paper products, twigs, leaves, grass, an assortment of food scraps and other debris make for good compost material.  Anything that was made from the earth can be decomposed and used again by the earth.



Fortunately, we have a local compost solution through Farmer Pirates. Farmer Pirates is a group of local farmers that have come up with a way to encourage, support and provide Buffalo with a motivating service for compost.  Farmer Pirates composting service, Compost Buffalo, benefits all aspects of compost including saving landfill space, supporting local businesses, supporting sustainable agriculture and improving soil and agriculture. As a community effort, people are being brought together and encouraged to compost and start community gardens contributing to the cycle and the greener way of life.   

            Farmer Pirates offer a service in which they will provide residential homes with a compost bucket and lid. Every two weeks, they will exchange the full bucket with a clean bucket.  The collected compost is then brought to the Farmer Pirates’ compost site on Buffalo’s East Side where a team of people manages and maintains the compost piles, creating a more “finished” compost that can be used on local farms and in gardens.  The cost is a low annual fee. The Farmer Pirates also provide a commercial pick-up service along with other great ideas to save the planet.  See more at